Uber for the visual impaired therapist

The visually impaired are a marginalized group in India often with limited access to make a decent livelihood. The idea was to create a web application that allowed customers to book massages online and via social media to increase awareness of the visually impaired therapist offering and offer convenience to customers.

Creating 1M careers in India

Finding the right fit for talent is a real challenge in most countries and industries, we built an application to assess the right talent fit for different job opportunities using a combination of deep learning and custom assessments based on personality , grit and emotional intelligence.

Analyzing Inclusive Innovation in Asia

A Large foundation had done research to identify the challenges and opportunities in Asia using a set of six indicators. The data was based on secondary research and difficult to understand as it was mainly in pdf and book form. They came to us to make the research more adoptable and engaging.

Storytelling Research done on Social Cohesion in Asia

A research study on social cohesiveness had been carried out by a large corporate in Germany, they wanted to make this study easier to understand and make it available via a cloud based and mobile friendly solution.

Creating Employment Opportunities via Cognitive Bots

A recruitment organization was looking to engage talent who visited their social media channels and website, so they could create a larger more engaged talent base and also keep talent updated on new opportunities.