Enable your workforce to be more innovative and efficient by using newer platforms based on Mobile and cloud technologies.


We partner with HR to build custom solutions that change how people work – Our solutions span across engagement, people automation, talent management and learning.


We work with startups as their technology partner to build out cost efficient technology solutions in the HR & communications space.

The nature of work is changing – Status Quo is not an option.

Techmatters can help in rewriting your HR playbook

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We are passionate about people and how they can collaborate to make a meaningful difference to our lives –Our solutions are all about giving people an opportunity to be the best they can be.


Percentage of people looking for work outside


Active candidates who have applied to jobs with mobile device


Percentage of people likely to work at a company if they are using social media

Culture and Engagement most important issue for organizations


Commect is a mobile platform that helps companies connect with their internal and external communities to engage their workforce , to support their local community and to canvas the ideas of their external community like alumni , suppliers and partners. Commect is in beta mode.

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Talyze is our talent analytics platform to analyze , engage and develop your salesforce. Pull in social information from linkedin ,glassdoor and your internal sales and HR systems to create a 360 degree view of your sales people identify the top performers based on behaviors and performance and get insights based on different ideas , ongoing feedback and sales coaching/mentorship


The Generation Game: How Millennials Work Differently

Generation gap is as old as humanity itself. However, businesses have become preoccupied by this aspect since they now have to handle different generation working side by side. This means different set of values, work ethic, communication fallacies, new rules and trends.

5 Quirky Ways To Get Work Done Faster And Easier

In the competitive realities of today’s business environment, it can be fairly easy to step into a work hard routine. When an important project is on the table or when deadlines are tight is hard to stop, take a break and recharge your batteries.